A few good links


Not an exhaustive list by any means, but I will update this group of links as I find those that are worth looking at. By that I mean those that are helpful, clear, informative, and will get you up to speed quickly.

Learn gooding for emacs

Mastering Emacs

A great series of articles that resulted in a fantastic book. Buy the book!

How to learn Emacs

Really great info to get you up and running with emacs.


The horses mouth basically. You always wanna find the official wiki, especially when it is as good as this. The only better wiki is the arch wiki.

Sacha Chua

You know that one person who loves emacs? The one who seems to have "you can do that in emacs" as their personal mantra? That is Sacha Chua.

Xah Emacs Site (ErgoEmacs)

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Xah Lee is … well lets just say he hold some controversial opinions, but you can't argue with his knowlede of emacs.

Org-mode stuffs

Worg: the Org-Mode Community

The community maintained wiki. Always check the wiki.

How to Learn the Org Mode (Howard Abrams)

This guy, man. You gotta check him out. Learn you some org-mode real good.


TODO Stuff to help learn elisp

Because elisp is stupid important.

TODO EWW The Emacs Web Wowser

For me, eww ins not one of those "hey why not" kinda things, it is more a "hey! how would I live without it?"

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Author: Doc Green

Created: 2020-09-15 Tue 16:26

Emacs 27.1 (Org mode 9.3)