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Harvett and His Folks


About this series

Harvett and His Folks is a Filipino indie anthropomorphic-themed artwork series created and released by Jayvee Enaguas (The Harvett Vault), made with free (libre) software, including GIMP, Krita, Classic Colors, and Pocket Paint (Android; for production use), and minor proprietary (non-libre) software, including Microsoft Paintbrush. The series has original main and one-shot characters, including Harvett, Theophilus, Purita, and more, made from scratch using different animal species in real life; it doesn't include copyrighted and non-libre elements to avoid legal issues.



"Theophilus Gets Stuck in Classic Colors" - featuring Theophilus; four variants "The Portrait of Harvet" - featuring Harvett "The Goodbye" - featuring Harvett


"The Portrait of Harvett II" - featuring Harvett; two variants "Lil Theo's Selfie" - featuring Theophilus "The Singing Fox" - one-off; three variants "The Goodbye II" - featuring Harvett


"Algofrustrantity" - one off

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