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2022-04-17 - I tried to dust off this neglected project and a bunch of images broke. I'm contemplating moving away from Pelican, so they may or may not get fixed until then. 🤷‍♂️

2019-10-23 - Links in the RSS feed are fixed, making it actually usable.

2019-09-26 - Time to stop tinkering and get this thing up. Under construction, work-in-progress, pardon our dust, et cetera.

Recently Updated

Violet Mazurka
A recording of James Buckley's "Violet Mazurka" for 5-string banjo, from his 1860 "New Banjo Guide"
How To Zoom/Unzoom XFCE Desktop
Alt + Scrollwheel (Or two-finger scroll, if using a trackpad)
"Snake Post Office"
A single-color Woodcut print of the Milton, NC Post Office
Cigar Box Guitar No. 2
Back at it after a while
Practice Kilt
Notes on the construction of a tradtionally constructed 8 yard kilt made out of 10oz denim
How to make ffplay exit after it finishes playing a file
(Using the -t option causes ffplay to hang.) ffplay -autoexit -t 10 my-audio-file.flac
How To Preserve Metadata When Converting Files with ffmpeg
ffmpeg -i my-audio-file.flac -movflags use_metadata_tags my-audio-file.m4a References Jerry Tian's answer on "How to prevent ffmpeg from dropping metadata?"
How to Normalize Audio Loudness with ffmpeg
These commands will normalize the audio in two passes. For a target of -14 LUFS, LRA of 3.6 and true peak of -2db: ffmpeg -i my-audio-file.flac -af loudnorm=I=-13:LRA=7:tp=-0.2:print_format=json -f null - and then ` References / Further Reading https://medium.com …
Determine LUFS of audio file with ffmpeg
How to use ffmpeg to analyze an audio file and determine its loudness on the 'Loudness Unit Full Scale'.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
That one time I worked in special effects and made a robot costume for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
A Python package for generating iRealPro songs
Pea Nut Girl
An 1868 banjo tune, multitracked for a 1920s feel.
The Modoc Reel
A stroke style tune from Frank Converse's Analytical Banjo Method of 1886.
Skeleton Dance
A classic fingerstyle banjo duet with piano accompaniment by Norton Greenop, circa 1900
Inktober 2019
One linocut per day for the month of October
"MarkupField" for displaying raw markup in a Django form
Example of a field and widget for adding arbitrary markup to a Django Form
"Smoke 1"
A single-color Linocut print
Construction of the Athol Post Office, 1911-1913
A collection of photos taken during the construction of a new Post Office in Athol, Massachusetts from 1911-1913
Introducing Jeffmenzies.com
I built a web site for sculptor Jeff Menzies.
Radial Oblique Origamic Architecture
Building on yesterday's experiment with oblique or...
Lilypond Snippets
Miscellaneous useful tweaks, hacks, etc.
Equinox Jig
An original composition for classic fingerstyle banjo
A hand-carved stamp for low-tech treasure-hunting.
Harmony Banjo
A craig's list score