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2019-12-28 - 20:46 by ~steph

The time has finally come. I joined a *nix server. The concept of sharing a single server is new to me, as I am one of those persons that has grown up with the internet (and HTTP everywhere). But it does sound exiting, being part of a sort of social media platform that is just a linux machine.

The idea of just having an old school way to socialize sounds awesome to me. Chatting localy, wall actually getting on other people their screen, having a /home with $(ls -l /home | wc -l) 1883 home’s.

So, as a challenge for myself I decided I was going to do a couple of things.

  1. Write a blog (as in writing content)
  2. Write a blog (as in writing the code)
  3. Use IRC
  4. Only use a terminal
  5. Maybe tmux?

And as you would have guessed the first two have worked already, other than that I need to continue posting too keep them up.

A friend of mine created a couple of designs for my blog just out the top of his head. Here are the pictures:

Screenshot of the design of this blog, desktop mode
Screenshot of the mobile design

Go check him out on guusapeldoorn.nl

So other than that I’ll be active in the IRC channel #meta and try to keep this blog updated.

You can find me on stephanstanisic.nl


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