Setting my goals for the new year

2020-01-04 - 00:32 by ~steph

I have watched Veritasium’s guide on setting new years resolutions. If you haven’t watched the video yet, it’s not to late to save your new years resolutions:

So after watching the video, I wanted to record my new goal for this year(!):

Posting atleast one sentence a week on this blog

Thats right, I have chosen of all things to keep this blog running. Let me tell you why:

I have a hard time commiting to things. A lot of things that I’d like to create a habit for (that are most times not the most fun things to do, thus the reason to create a habit for them) fail becoming a habit because somewhere 2 weeks or 2 months into it I get distracted and just drop it.

This is the case for a lot of things. I can’t commit to working on a boring paper (procrastinating on 3 right now) because the time pressure isn’t there yet (but will be there in 4 days).

So by commiting to something I like, I’d like to see how I can keep this up. Posting stuff on the internet isn’t something natural to me, as you can maybe tell from the lack of tweets/toots and presence on Instagram/Pixelfed. I have been more active on Mastodon and Pixelfed for the idea of federation, but after having seen it for a week I completely forget about the platforms again.

Apart from trying to keep up with something unnatural to me and making it a habit, it will give me (hopefully) some English writing experience at the least. Writing in English isn’t my strong suit, and thus I have been postponing the start of my English essay.

Also I will be typing in vim, so no spell checking. If you manage to see any spelling/ grammar errors, please please correct me by sending me a message on mastodon ( or by emailing me at my ~club email (

So what are your new year goals? I am hoping to add a comment section here for this kind of thing, but pinging me on irc in #meta also works (if I am online).


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