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may 17, 2023

listened to the new cattle decapitation. it's fine. travis ryan going more into straightahead »metal ballad« vocals on some tracks, which i'm not sure works with clunky couplets like »we have always been the virus / it has always been inside us«. if you're going to have lyrics that dreadful, it helps to deliver them with campy, shrill rasping, rather than your ordinary tenor ii. glad to see wes benscoter return to form for the cover artwork, though — the disgusting grasshopper man molting is great.

may 12, 2023

»artificial intelligence« doesn't especially worry me because i can anticipate the ways in which it will be a predictable nuisance. google's new summary feature sounds heinous, and like the precise opposite of what i want a search engine to do, and we can only hope it joins their expansive graveyard of discontinued products sooner rather than later. i'm similarly irritated by the features rolling out to office software. i cannot imagine turning to a robot for editorial input. how do you know what will be more clear to my reader? you have no subjective experience. you are dust before me. it's part of the overriding aim to take control away from end users. do not trust yourself—trust the software.

may 6, 2023

it does feel like a decisive time for the Social Web, an inflection point. twitter was the last platform i used in the conventional, neurotic way, and musk has made that significantly less attractive. i was keeping a blog on my personal site, but i've become a little impatient with writing as much as the non-microblog (macroblog?) requires—in that informal essay style, anyway. i have no interest in monetizing casual writing (with a newsletter, say), so i'm going to pivot this tilde page into a »mesoblog«, which will permit some flexibility with polish and conventions, and allow me to jot down thoughts at greater length and with less unpleasantness than twitter. i'm inclined to step back from the noise of the platforms.

if you prefer the noise of the platforms, i'm on mastodon now. well, kinda.


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